Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now What?

So. Yesterday was another day of diapers, bottles, potties, constant meal making and deal making, bribery, and tiny life lessons with the kids. In other words, just another day at home.

At one point James was crying and Faith was fake crying because she did NOT want to take a nap and the phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID, didn’t recognize the number and laid it down. We do not yet have an answering machine or voice mail yet. So it rang and rang and finally I was like, WHAT ON EARTH PHONE JUST SHUT IT!

But I still didn’t answer it.

Later, curiosity and the power of Google told me that it was the office of the job I interviewed for last week. Obviously, they did not leave a message and they have not called back. I don’t know what any of this means.

I suppose I am thankful that I don’t have to go back to work quite yet. We have a vacation planned for the first week of August and I have a doctor’s appointment for James next week and I was so scared of having to start a job but to tell them from the very beginning that I already needed time off. Who am I kidding, I have kids, and I’ll always need time off. I just sort of thought that I would know when my last week or so at home was, and I would spend it holding the kids constantly and reading tons of books to them and playing all of Faith’s intricate make believe games involving a mixture of babies and other small assorted toys – in other words, the things that I don’t do enough.

I’m still looking and trying to figure out where I should be. It’s difficult to try to figure out what the master plan to your life is. But for now, I’m off to go read to the kids, play games . . .


Jen said...

Well, it appears that you have no time for an outside job! I am actually struggling with the same thing right now. I stay home with our 2 boys but finances are getting a litle (ok, a lot) too tight. I started taking a medical transcription course a few months ago so I could work from home but surprise, surprise, it is impossible to get anything done with these 2 little helpers. My husband wants me to take them to a babysitter so I can finish the course and start working (for money! wow!) but the whole reason I'm doing this is so they don't HAVE to go to a sitter. Sigh. I know it will all work out, for all of us. Hang in there! God has something special in mind for you and your family.

Jenny said...

Thank you! I know that something is supposed to work out, but I try to figure it all out on my own. Am impatient, methinks! Good luck getting anything done with two small kids, I feel like I've accomplished a lot when I get a shower much less finish a whole course!