Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth

For the past few days we've been on a camping trip. We took the pull-behind camper and stayed on the lake for a few days and it was so PERFECT. It was the quintessential summertime type of thing – camping on a lake, watermelons, lazy days, grilling out, taking naps (yes, I took a nap, it felt so wrong, but SO GOOD), Jeff playing guitar. The kids enjoyed it, and somehow it managed to be relaxing even with two small children in a tiny space. Now coming back home from being in a 31-foot camper for three days, well, it feels like a mansion here.

Friday was spent swimming and absorbing the sun's rays, holding sleepy and slightly sweaty children, and eating great food. That evening Jeff's parents and grandmother came out to our campsite and we cooked for them. Oh, ha! I mean, Jeff cooked for them and eventually Jeff's dad took over the grilling. I just sat around and talked. After the food was finally prepared my father-in-law declared the dinner perfect EXCEPT for the obvious missing ever-important potato salad, which he said while looking accusingly (and comically) at me. Of course! Where was the potato salad? So, wonderful day besides the whole potato salad thing.

At one point in the trip, I sat down on a picnic bench for a few moments and just stared at the lake. We were incredibly lucky to get a spot by the lake, and it was just so beautiful I wanted to take a little while to soak it all in. While I sat there I wondered, would we remember this trip always? What we did for Fourth of July 2008 . . . we went camping with the children, we got an awesome spot on the lake, yes, that was the trip when we grilled out for Jeff’s parents, when Faith fell in love with watermelon and dripped it all over her new flag shirt that she loved, that was when James danced his crazy little serpentine dance whenever Jeff played guitar, that was when we were young and trying to teach the kids how to just enjoy life. Or will we remember it more like, whatever did we DO that year?


Anonymous said...

awsome recap i love the pics!

Jen said...

Hi! I just clicked on your name from a comment left on Sundry's blog and I am so glad I did. You have an amazing gift with words. I will be checking back (if you don't mind a random stranger stalking your blog :)).

Jenny said...

Um, I totally do not mind considering I've been doing the same to other blogs for years!