Monday, September 20, 2010

Random - Just to hear the keys go click

I spent the entire weekend studying for my first exam, which was today. It covered several huge chapters out of our main text, a couple dozen chapters out of our secondary text, three chapters of medical math, and four chapters of medical terminology. I must be learning something after all because after it was over I thought to myself “well, that wasn’t too bad”. Then I came home, changed into completely unflattering gauchos and a huge t-shirt, made myself an enormous burrito, and have tuned into mindless television shows and looked at silly things on the internet because MY BRAIN WANTS A BREAK.


Jeff and I were planning our upcoming weekends and we have something planned for every weekend until the end of time. On one hand, yay, stuff to do! On the other, boo, whatever happened to lazy weekends where we stay in our pajamas and watch old 80’s movies? I don’t even know the last time we’ve done that. With Jeff working nights, weekends are the only time we have together as a whole family. It’s also the only time we can spend with his folks, or mine, or any of our friends. It’s the times when we do grocery shopping, or house projects. I hate that he has to work nights. It ruins everything. And makes me cranky. This post will start getting out of hand, so I should probably change the subject.


Faith’s teacher brought her out to the car last week (which is new to me, this whole escort to and from the car thing. Just what are they trying to keep the parents from seeing inside?) and told me that Faith had had a good day, but was a little disappointed when no one else wanted to play pretend with her. She was stuffing animals and/or dolls up her shirt and pretending to be pregnant. I laughed and shook my head and tried to appear like a normal parent and informed the teacher that it’s been a big thing with her lately, playing “pregnant”. The teacher eyed me, probably trying to figure out if I were pregnant which would make more sense and so I made sure to tell her I didn’t know where it was coming from, and we went home. Where Faith continued to play pregnant, made her barbies be pregnant, and drew pictures of babies in bellies. So I decided to really blow her mind and showed her the video of her being born and she was FASCINATED. I asked her if she wanted me to have another baby and she said no, that she’ll just have one some day when she grows up a little bit and I could help her take care of it. I’m so proud of her. She wants to have a child, doesn’t care if she’s married, and she’ll make me take care of it. I must be doing something right in my child rearing duties!


Jen said...

I love watching what they play pretend. And have I mentioned lately how impressed I am with what-all you are studying? My mind needed a break just after reading about that test.

Hearing Aids said...

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Sunil M S said...

Night shift is tough, especially for families with little children. It strains relations which otherwise, ought to be strong. One way of coping with it could be to try to look at its positives and put up with its negatives. Easier said than done ! I was lucky to have come through some years of night shifts almost unscathed. I never could get seven hours' sleep in one stretch during the daytime. Having realized that it would be difficult to get sound sleep during the daytime, I tried to find out how I can make my sleep sound whenever I could sleep. I plugged my ears with cotton and covered my eyes with smooth, dark green, slightly wet cloth. This helped me sleep well for nearly four to five hours. Then, just before leaving for office, took a half hour nap, in the same way, this time the cloth being more moist and cool. It made me feel fresh throughout the nightshift. Jeff too might find it helpful. Further, soft lips pressing gently on my forehead was my favourite way of waking up and used to melt away all my grudge for being woken up.

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