Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh yeah, THIS thing

Apparently, I rather suck at this whole blog thing. I get it, posts, updates, all those thoughts that swirl around in my head at an impossible velocity get written down and recorded in actual words, but the execution is another thing all together. Time! Such a precious commodity around here.

We spent last week on vacation and I’ve been putting together a post about it, but so far only in my mind. There are pictures to upload and beach towels to wash and sand toys to re-store and oh yeah, furniture to move and then shoes to buy to go with my new (borrowed, but completely adorable oh how I love it) dress that was meant to be worn to Jeff’s sister’s wedding this weekend. Only yesterday, the day after I bought brand new shoes for the first time in, I don’t know, probably two years, I got asked to be IN the wedding as a bridesmaid. My first thought was, but I already have a dress to wear! And new shoes! Then my next thought was, oh my goodness if I had known that I would be standing up in front of EVERYONE then I would have been starving myself for the past two months. Instead I will be standing beside all of my sister-in-law’s best friends, all tiny despite having kids. Yes, I have lost weight, but no, I am not a size two. It seems there was a massive argument between my sister-in-law and one of her bridesmaids and the girl is out of the wedding, and I believe the dress fits. Sure, there could be better reasons for being asked to be in a wedding, but at the same time, we’re the sort of family who does these sort of things.

So. A little distressed, but pleased, and also harried over here.

The other thing that keeps me from updating is the fact that we recently got a tivo, which means that I have been able to watch ancient episodes of 90210 during my frenzied mornings.

Anyway, there it is, excuses. I am trying to get better at time-management so that I can have all of life’s pleasures, including 90210 AND writing AND shoe-shopping AND keeping those two kids alive and happy and loved.


Swistle said...

I would SO LOVE to be able to type posts IN MY HEAD while I'm doing other stuff like dishes and making lunches and changing diapers!

Also, I want a camera built in to my eyes, so I can blink and capture the moments I always miss running for the camera.

Jen said...

Welcome back from vacation! I was starting to worry you were dead or something- maybe getting sucked back into 90210 is just as bad. :)

As my children are doing something cute/funny/endearing/extra-crappy/etc I write about it in my head, then forget what I wanted to say when I sit down to blog. My extended family complains about infrequent posts so I try to write something or at least put up a new picture every couple days. Even when I don't have time, I usually get something up at the expense of washing the dishes or a child.

Jenny said...

The camera thing? Totally. AND video. I think of all the moments I've missed and have just thought I would record it in words. Then, doh! Nope.

It's always best when you first think of it in your head "Oh I would say this and then use THIS word to describe it" then when sitting in front of the computer it's the whole blank stare thing.