Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Lack O' Money

I would love to be all warm and fuzzy and Susie Sunshine and say that the best things in life are free, but truthfully, not having money SUCKS. Especially when you’ve lived with your parents for a year and a half and then get excited about moving into a TRAILER. Especially after you visit your sister, whose house seems large to the point of being insane. All three of her children have a bathroom to themselves. They have an entire room for toys. There is a room in her house that is home to a desk and computer only. On top of all of that they have a full basement. True, she is tying to sell her house now and perhaps downsize, although she has yet to find anything she likes in her price range. Well, of course she hasn’t. After spending my days in a trailer and then going to her house, it seems like her house is an indulgence that borders on being obscene.

However, I will say this, with experience and conviction. Having a home of your own, no matter how big or small, that is just for you and your children and husband, and having the privacy that goes with that is absolutely wonderful beyond describing. To have our own things again in our own (admittedly tiny) space is like heaven on earth.

I joke with my husband telling him that this is all character building. It really may be. Or it might just be that we’re poor and doing what we have to do to get financially stable before beginning construction on our dream home up here on family land. For years we spent money that we didn’t have, justifying our purchases, and now we are having to go without. We are thrifty when we do buy, we don’t waste leftovers, and we save for something that we really want or need. It feels good to finally GET IT when it comes to money. Of course I wish we had reached this point years ago, but hey, what happened has happened, and in an annoying warm and fuzzy and Susie Sunshine way, it’s time to make the best of it.

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