Thursday, June 3, 2010


The past couple of months have been surprisingly hectic. I thought that by no longer working and only having school that I would have so much more time, but . . . eh, not so much!

When I haven’t been delving into human anatomy and physiology, which is making my brain overheat and steam up a little with all the thoughts and memorization and conceptualizing of complicating miniscule processes, Jeff and I have been spending every free moment doing SOMETHING. We’ve been to Tybee Island a few times; we’ve spent weekends with friends and some with family. We’ve cleaned the garage and built a fence (I use “we” very loosely on these last couple of things) and I’ve studied and studied and so on and so forth. Occasionally I’ve absorbed some sun and spent some quality time with my new treadmill and there has been the junk food of the television world that I like to watch mindlessly while I check out of the real world for short periods of time.

Suddenly, it’s June. Gone is May, one of my favorite times of the year, and I have to try hard to remember parts of it though it is near enough behind me to still glimpse it in my rearview mirror. I want time to slow down a little bit. These are the last months before Faith is in pre-school, seriously this time around since last year was more of a trial run. I wanted this summer to go on and on since winter stole too much from us and I looked forward to sun-induced freckled skin and sweaty lower backs and seeing my children’s tiny legs skip in the grass while the sprinkler sprayed them. I wanted to laze in the yard on a lounge chair while the kids played “jenny and jeff” in their little house in the backyard. I wanted to read more books and listen to more music and write some of the trailing stories that have been knocking around my brain for the past few months.

Instead, I am learning about the human body and the understandably and amazingly interesting minute cellular processes of every small and large thing that we humans do. It boggles the mind and it takes up a lot of time. And while the sun is shining, I’m sitting in a classroom that has a breath-taking view of the north Georgia mountains, trying not to look outside for fear of my mind being captured and swept away into the blue yonder.

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Jen said...

I am so impressed with your smartening! My college made up a special "Life Science" class for us social work majors... think 6th grade biology. I'm glad you've gotten to have some good times with your family- hopefully these summer days don't fly by *too* quickly.