Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something Good

I would like to take a moment from my whooping and cartwheeling to say that I have finally, FINALLY, been hired at a small company here in town. It's run out of a little old brick house and the front room will be my office, oh happy day, I have an office again! I've already been making mental plans to bring in a little potted plant to sit on my desk next to the window, and wondering which pictures of the kids I want to frame and bring in.

Oh, I know, it's not all about decorating my desk. It's also about paychecks! MONEY! We'll be able to pay our mortgage on the big, beautiful house that we're building!

Can you tell I'm in a good mood?

I start work tomorrow. We don't exactly have all the kinks worked out with the whole “who's going to keep the kids” thing, so that will be, um, fun. It won't be a problem until next week and hopefully we'll have something worked out by then. So today I plan on doing fun things with the kids, things out of the ordinary like making the drive to a larger town, one that has a movie theater and department store. I'm feeling brave, like I can take two small children out into the world and not feel overwhelmed. Ah, the sweet surge of optimism that comes with a job offer!


Jen said...

Yay!! Congrats! I am so happy for you!
Also: confused. You're building? I thought you just bought a house?
Good luck with the child care. Minor detail.

Jenny said...

We bought a house that was partially built - so we're finishing. It is a very long, LOOONG process. We hope to be done in three months? Maybe four?

Brooke G. said...

I am so happy for you! Working is a good thing :) The pay check and the time in an office where no one is pulling at your elbow. I am finding that I appreciate the time I do have with the kids more now that I am spending time away from them. Anyway - GREAT news! Congrats :)