Thursday, February 19, 2009

I suppose that I WOULD jump off a bridge if everyone else did

Twenty-five things about yours truly:

1. I named my daughter after my grandmother, who I was very close to. I knew that I would long before I even contemplated becoming pregnant. James is named after his-great-grandfather. So, Faith is named for my mother’s mother and James is named for Jeff’s father’s father. We didn’t really set out to do that.

2. I once was attacked by a cougar. Another time I was on the back of a runaway horse. Both of these things happened at summer camp.

3. Whenever I see a green and grassy hill I have the very strong urge to roll down it.

4. I’ve always thought that it was my calling to become a mother, and now that I have children I feel even more strongly so.

5. I WILL write a book someday.

6. I have very ugly toes and very pretty teeth.

7. I am not a good driver. I used to be terrible (my friend nicknamed my car “the bashing mobile of terror”), but I’ve improved to Not Good.

8. Also, not so good at directions. I have gotten lost coming home from work, from a job I had been at for years. Also got lost while using my mother-in-law’s GPS. I’m special like that.

9. If I believed in psychic abilities I would say that my mother, sister, and I all have a touch of it. But I don’t.

10. I know that things happen for a reason; I know there is purpose to certain things – sometimes I just wish I knew the answers.

11. I have a passion for books. My ultimate vacation would be warm sand on my (ugly) toes, quietly roaring surf, and a deliciously good book in my hands. OR! In a cozy sweater, curled in a giant chair by a fire in a mountain cottage with a book. Either one.

12. I’ve heard that time heals all. I don’t think I believe that. Yet.

13. I have an incredible faith in God that grows every day. It has given me a peace that I can’t describe, one that I’m not sure I could function without.

14. I knew my friend Tracy would be one of my best friends for life when she told me that she too loved Anne of Green Gables.

15. I’ve had wild times and I’ve had mild times. I prefer the mild.

16. I make delicious salsa.

17. I’m fairly smart. Okay, I’m being modest. I’m very smart.

18. And sometimes a little too proud.

19. I used to dye my hair red, then blonde, then red, then blonde. I’ve given it up for my natural hair color of kind-of boring brown. I like it a lot better than I thought I would.

20. I know that every mother thinks this, but my children are the most beautiful and brightest kids I’ve ever known. And VERY funny.

21. My life has a soundtrack.

22. If home is where the heart is, then my heart is still in Dallas, Georgia.

23. There are so many places that I want to travel to, but never enough time or money. So I plan on taking major trips in about ten years.

24. The song I always sang to my babies when I rocked them was Clementine. If I was all “Clementined” out then I would sing bah bah black sheep for Faith and row row your boat for James.

25. I’m incredibly optimistic. Despite moments of being very sad, and a lot of those moments being strung along in a row, I know that I have much to be thankful of – my children, my parents, my sisters, my friends - life is AWFUL good!

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Jen said...

Yay! I very much enjoyed these.
Coupla thoughts:
1) Summer camp = very dangerous
2) Can't wait to read your book.
3) 7 & 8 Me too! And, uh, 4, & 11, & 13, & 16... are we the same person?