Friday, January 9, 2009

What's Going On

Where have I been?

Playing Xbox, lego man, obsessively.

Getting back in shape, painfully.

On a new sleep schedule, one that included 1:00 a.m. nachos (see above).

Going on interviews.

Working from home, with children in the background. This is impossible, by the way.

Making phone calls to lenders and realtors while managing to remain in the dark.

Staying close to family, listening.

Playing barbies, ponies, and pets.

Nursing bruises and booboos.

Reading every chance I can.

Discussing heavy metal.


Dancing in my living room, with the kids, spinning, dipping, and twirling, joyfully.

I feel wonderfully refreshed, somehow washed clean of the melancholy that I’ve been dipped in. I feel powerful, like I can do ANYTHING. Life is amazingly good all of the sudden. Or rather, it always has been and my eyes just opened.


Jen said...

I was wondering! That all sounds fantastic/exhausting. I hope your bright, shiny optimism carries you through this hectic new year!

Brooke Groelle said...

Keep them peepers open. There is always good out there... just sometimes harder to find.
I loved this post... what a contrast from the last. What a difference a week makes!