Friday, October 10, 2008

Lately, In Pictures

I really do have a camera. I just never do the whole camera-to-computer thing. When I finally do I have hundreds of pictures to sort through. I good intentions with this little blog. I thought I would have pictures in every post, that sort of thing. Let's pretend I did that, shall we? And now for catch up.

This is my artist's rendering of our cat, Chick. And then this is her.

Uncanny, no?

The new cat whose name has yet to be set in stone. Right now we rotate between Tiger Lily, Clover, That Calico Cat, That New Cat, or That Little Cat.

The famous "Letter Game" which Faith loves. Any time I get on the computer she starts to beg to play it. James, of course, does not want to be left out. So once I start it I can't stop it, my lap begins to burn from the laptop and I have children surrounding me and it kind of makes me never want to get on the computer.

Taking a walk over to Grandma's, with our giant dog Baxter. For some reason Faith is crawling like a dog. I'm surprised she didn't get accidentally trampled.

And for the finale, the classic reaching-for-the-camera shot. I can't tell you how many of these I have. And yes, my children are color coordinated for church. I can't help it.

I suppose it is time for me to finally put a picture with my blogger account, which is really rather hard. Today I was sorting through recent pictures and realizing I look OLD. With real lines around my eyes. I was tempted to use a more flattering picture from a couple years ago but that sort of feels like cheating.


Jen said...

You are all SO CUTE. And your artistic talent? is amazing. I vote (because it is totally my beeswax) for the name That New Cat because it will be amusing 10 yrs from now. (Yes, that kind of thing is amusing to me.) (Do I overuse parentheses?) (Perhaps.) Tiger Lily is a very cute name for a cat, however.
You do not look old at all, but I hear you re: lines around eyes. And my mouth! Note to self: no more smiling.

Jenny said...

"The New Cat" really showcases our originality and creativity, huh?

Thank you for saying we are cute and you don't see lines. The magic is in the makeup. And eye cream.